We asked some of our members what they loved about New Orleans! Christ-Stephane, trombonist said this!

Well one thing that has stuck with me from the whole experience in New Orleans was playing at Snug Harbour with Delfaeyo Marsalis. Being from one of the most famous musical families, Delfeayo Marsalis is nothing short of an expert at the Trombone, which is why this was such a big deal, for me. Seeing the way he was to manipulate the instrument to his liking is something that is very unique and rare. You can learn how to play an instrument, but to make it sound like you and make it become a second voice is something you rarely see.

Playing with other musical professionals and amongst the the Bloco famillia it was a special moment because most children aren’t invited into such spaces and we were able to show what we were up to across the Atlantic.

Soloing alongside Chris Butcher was also magical… you can tell he’s taken time to familiarise himself with his instrument and almost seems to channel the greats of jazz in his playing, which I really admire. It all ended to quickly, to be fair but Jermaine were discussing the event at Breakfast the next morning. The Snug Harbour gig was almost the culmination of the whole trip and though I have a long way to go in my development there were glimpses of where I’m heading with my trombone.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for helping and supporting us on the trip, donating, wishing all the best and just being supporters of KB, a family that is very close to my heart. So thank you.

Have a great Christo-Day ( some will get it) Ice Cold😂

Christ-Stephane, Trombonist