Add 11 trainees, 5 Staff, 4 days of serious snow, 2 looong drives and 1 adventure centre in Rochester, Kent and what do you get? Kinetika Bloco Trainee Takeover; a training residency where we got to train, shoot arrows, climb and have fun learning how to improve our skills in workshop leading!

The trip was organised by the trainees themselves to get the best out the trainee scheme and create something that really does put the fun into learning. We had sessions with our professional teams on how to create and manage workshops, good ways to start your sessions and how not to climb Jacob’s Ladder (Imagine a 15ft plus rope ladder with wood logs as rungs that get further and further apart as you climb up them. Very difficult, if like me you are vertically challenged!). We also really got to know each other.

Another reason why Kinetika Bloco is great; where else do you get people who really make the effort to listen to the people they work with?