Our theme for Summer School 2006 was Ti-Jean and His Brothers by Derek Walcott, OBE, and in the latter part of August 2007 we took 39 members of the Summer School up to Coventry to collaborate with Imagineer Productions to develop the themes from the play into “The Truth About Lies”.  The play was inspired by Ti Jean and developed into a large scale carnivalesque outdoor performance  working with their local young people and professional actors.  The show was performed in the shadow of the beautiful Coventry Cathedral.

“Ti-Jean and His Brothers was a spectacular play to a part of. It was an outdoor show displaying a tale of three brothers and their pursuit to outsmart the devil. I had the role a devil dancer, which entails the formation of a sinister character ready to embark on its devilish duties, ordered by the devil himself.  It was a performance I enjoyed to the fullest because it not only enhanced my dance skills, but also my acting skills.” Christine Alaby