Summer School 2004 was the first year for Bloco Manager Tamzyn French and also one of our core Bloco members Christine Alaby who has shared her experiences on some of these past events.  Christine started as a Bloco Dancer on Space is the Place, 2004 and since then has performed with us for a number of years and is in the process of completing a degree in Tourism and currently doing a placement with Tamzyn helping with marketing and events. Thames Festival 2004 was her first performance experience with us:

“I joined Kinetika Bloco at 15 years old in 2004 as a dancer, and I have never looked back. During my time at summer school from then till now, I have made new and lasting friends, enhanced my skills as a dancer, and I have been encouraged to develop my personal and professional development. The first performance for me was Thames Festival which is a mesmerizing multicultural celebration of London and the Thames. The festival was spectacular, colourful and full of energy. It was one of my most treasured performances with Kinetika Bloco, and I look forward to it every year.” Christine Alaby