Kinetika Bloco had the immense honour to lead Our Greatest Team Parade on Monday 10th September. The Parade organised by The Mayor Of London in conjunction with the BOC and the BPA featured 2 giant lion puppets built by Kinetika and 120 performers from Kinetika Bloco who animated the lions and played TeamGB all the way from Mansion House to Buckingham Palace.  Around 1 million of the Great British Public came out to cheer on the athlete’s and the atmosphere was phenomenal.

TeamKB had the best day, leading the entire parade, performing to our best ability and meeting our inspiring teamGB Olympians and Paralympians. We were delighted to have young people from Highshore School join us in the band and our new friends from Catchy Shubby Elite tricking their way through the crowds.

Kinetika Bloco were featured on the live BBC1, Sky and Channel 4 footage, in several newspapers the following day, retweeted by TeamGB and Bronzer Medal winner Alan Campbell and labelled by The Guardian’s Richard Williams as “a high-stepping band”

What a finale to a Summer Like No Other and such an opportunity to showcase the huge talent and postivie dedication of all our young people.  It was an opportunity of a life time and we are so thankful to all the supporters, funders, and previous members who have got us to the point where we were able to take on this event.  We hope that we will be able to continue to build the momentum and keep providing these exciting opportunities for the amazing young people we have the honour of working with.

Hajley Petein Photography captured some of the special moments for us.