Let’s throwback to the 2nd November, 2018, when we ran our 1st ever fundraising event. The plan was to kick off fundraising to take a group of the Bloco to New Orleans. We made it! That 1st event was Samba with Shay.

Samba with Shay is totally devoted to our adult Bloco family. Where, together, once a month, we learn a song on drums. Samba drums to be exact! We’ve had Bloco mums, Bloco dads, friends, friends of friends, partners, people who’ve never touched a drum before, musicians, neighbours, instagram friends… the list goes on. Drumming is fun and a great way to let go! There’s nothing like it!

It’s now June 2020, and it’s still going. In fact, today is the next one. This time, it’ll be online. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a drum, but it’s fine if you do. You can use a shoe box, amazon box, pot, biscuit tin, sofa, dining chair, suitcase, table, anything. Come with what ever you’ve got to hand, and I’m sure we can make it work.

If you’d like to join us, head over to our events page HERE, and get the details! We’ll be using Zoom online meeting service to host the workshop. You don’t need to download the programme but it has it’s advantages if you do. There isn’t a ticket price but we do ask for a donation of any amount. Everything raised helps us to run online sessions for our young people.

– Shay