#TBThursday and we are casting our memories back to May 2018 (with this blog and a gallery at the bottom. Don’t forget to scroll down 😅)! This time two years ago, we took a short trip to Oslo, Norway to visit our friends, Grunerløkka School Marching Band. We asked Phoebe what it was like for her.

When did you come to Oslo with Bloco and also did you meet the kids from there any other time?
I went to oslo with bloco in 2018 and no I don’t think so.

What was your experience like in Oslo for the parade? What did you do, what did you see, what did you eat, who did you meet, what did you enjoy
It was incredible! I enjoyed it all so much. We had practise with the school a lot but in the spare time I ate a lot of frozen yogurt from 7/11! I met Adrian who was a little boy  who played a brass instrument. Had a lot of sass! So funny as well, I bought I duck from oslo and it always reminds me of the fun I had.

How was the 17th May parade for you?
The parade was great! Thankfully the weather was much cooler than it had been during the week, the fact we got to be part of the parade infront of the royal family was awesome, although the walk of it…. Nottttt so great

How would you explain the parade to someone who had never been?
It’s a reallyyyyy long walk playing awesome music with people who are sharing the moment with you, bouncing off each others energy making the crowds go wild

Would you like to go back?
It would be a dream to go back! My cousin lives in oslo. So I would love to go back. Probably go back for Freddie Fuegos and the weather!

What message would you like to give to our friends in Oslo on this May 17th?
Well obviously the first one is that pigs don’t fly.. and also that I will always remember the awesome trip that I got to experience with such lovely people!

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