So with all that it is going on we at Kinetika Bloco are still going strong at Summer School, even though numbers were a little down today.  Many of our young people live in the affected areas but as one of our Trainees, Ben Andoh, tweeted this morning “ its still on, don’t let the get in the way of us producing great music and doing positive things!!!” and we agree.  So we thought we’d share a few more images from our trip to Asda where we hopefully helped to support the community, our community, rather than try and destroy it.  We don’t know why the young people are doing what they are doing right now, all we know is that we are going to keep on making music, dancing and hopefully showing that many young people are amazing and hugely positive individuals.

Please come down and support them on Friday 12th August 6pm in the Clore Ballroom of the Royal Festival Hall to see all that they have been getting up to these last two weeks!

Thank you to Asda for having us down and generously supporting us for the Elephant and the Nun Festival this weekend.

(photo’s by John Deehan)