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At Kinetika Bloco, we provide a space for young people to discover their creativity and make something amazing together at our Summer Schools, creative workshops and large-scale public performances.

Our members have gone on to become rising stars of the UK music scene, playing in acclaimed bands like Mercury-nominated Sons of Kemet and performing with the likes of Wynton Marsalis, Kano and Solange Knowles.

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“Being a young female trumpeter, it’s easy to feel out of place, but Hattie is always willing to learn and be inspired by other people”


“I look up to Sheila! I’ve always had male trumpet teachers, so I enjoy learning from a female trumpeter. She’s always really encouraging about my playing too”


“The amazing thing is that everyone is at different ages and different levels, but it doesn’t come across. That doesn’t matter here.”


“The generations are growing together. We don’t just have to play with our age group – we can play with anyone”


“Bloco is a very energetic and joyful experience. It’s inspiring to see the younger generation develop. Rose and the other female saxophonists are killing it.”


“Playing with Ruben is intimidating because he’s so good, but it’s also inspiring because it pushes me to get to the next point.”


“I have learned how to play the drums and how to perform in a team. Bloco has made me more confident. Most importantly, I am now an independent traveller.”


“It’s always good to learn from each other. In Bloco, we learn how to be part of a band and part of a family.” 


“I learn a lot from Marlon, like discipline and how to play pans really well. I want to keep coming back every year until I’m a leader.”


“It’s really rewarding seeing young people like Kias consistently work hard in Bloco and get better as musicians”


“Leon’s taught me more about leadership than any of my other dance teachers. He’s very encouraging and understands what it is to be a dancer.”


“Bloco is about trying something new and not giving up. Arlowe’s energy and confidence is growing all the time.”


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