The theme, Roads to Freedom (R2F) was an exploration of how art was used to cause change and as a way to give those without a voice a chance to express their views, whether for social or political change. We looked at how Trinidad’s carnival tradition was born out of the need for freedom from slavery and looked at how African tradition influenced their creative expression.

The bloco looked at the music, dance and costumes of West Africa and created a show based on this. Using Adinkra Ghanaian symbols, camouflage, music from the creator of Afrobeat – Fela Kuti and others; we created a larger than life show with solid narrative, song and movement.

A truly inspirational year, this summer school was one of our largest, seeing 140+ young people coming together to make a show that really delved into what it is to be free!

The project was collaborative work and we worked with Paddington Arts, Uckfield Community Technology College, Norwood School, Same Sky and Dorothy Stringer School.  We all got to perform together and at each other’s events which made the whole experience really special.