I always look forward to summer school because there is nothing I’ve ever been to that is quite the same. Can you imagine 100+ young people put in a building with drums, instruments, choreographers and given two weeks to create a show that is completely unique and dynamic? Well, that’s what we do and we have a massive amount of fun on the way.  This year was great, we had new folks and our regulars returning and as usual the first day was fast and furious. We kicked off with introductions, games and then went straight into work. Its always like a baptism of fire, you get thrown right in and by the end of the day you’ve learnt to do things you never realised you could.

We had new sections this year including, ‘Pan-around-neck’ (steel pan) and a Ukulele section which took the whole thing to a new height. It was great to see these sections come together and bring music like Stevie Wonder’s ‘All day sucka’, ‘Superstition’, and ‘Another Star’, Paul Simon’s ‘Can’t Run’ and others to life in the way that only the Bloco can.

It was a very different summer school in that we had a performance at our local ASDA on the last day of the first week, which was absolutely fun. We also helped with a proposal…yes! A marriage proposal! Which was absolutely beautiful and romantic and yes, the Bloco does romantic!! Hehehehehe

The riots also reared their ugly head during our summer school. It did affect some of the participant’s ability to attend but on the whole, it worked to prove one major thing: Kinetika Bloco members have better things to do besides ransacking shops, lol.

Here are some more highlights:

Sam Blue, Bateria director – coming back in on the second Monday of summer school after gigging over the weekend with Paloma Faith, Raphael Saadiq, Chaka Khan and Prince and saying: “So…Prince said I’m my drumming was tight so…SHUT UP!!” LOL

Dominic and his sudden outbursts of SWAG and BLOCO during songs LOL

The sudden love for EAT smoothies, Mango and lime bursts!

The multiple lifts and the water fountains behind stage at the Royal Festival Hall; I know…I have simple needs.

The proposal…I know I already said that but it was great.

The sewing crew and Mark K’s impromptu solo………”Yeah

Richard teaching people how to do a baby-freeze.

Mark K doing a Baby freeze.

Playing a surdo with two Baguettes.

Mat Waaacking with the dancers

Yaa Asantewaa dancers coming down and jamming with the Bloco dancers.

The Finale

The People

Too many to add I’d just keep going…But believe me, it was amazing.

Summer school 2011 was my 11th summer school and it just keeps getting better and better. Seeing more and more people come through and shining like stars as they play their instruments or dance. I love it!

A Big thank you to staff, tutors and young people who made it the best two weeks!!! xxxx