Last week alumni, photographer, family and volunteer of Kinetika Bloco, FreshRichi, hosted our first online live streamed concert. The concert was to raise money for our Shutdown Sessions. Thanks to Richi’s fundraising partner, he was able match all donations by 200% taking the total raised on the night to £2650.

Performances were brought to us by young people, and leaders of Bloco:
Ruben Fox and the clan
Sheila Maurice-Grey
The Claude Deppa Family band
The Amissahs!
Marlon Hibbert
Shayanna Dyer-Harris
Atl Ongay-Perez
Yuma and Nahuel brothers duet

If you didn’t manage to join us live or want to re-watch the evening, you can follow the video link below. It is not too late to donate and support us. If you enjoy the music and are in a position to support us, please do. All money donated helps us to continue our work and plan our future!