This awesome person is Nathan!

And Nathan joined our Online Shutdown Session, Masterclass with Andre Johnson on Music Production! For four weeks, Andre broke down music production using Logic Pro X as the foundation. Nathan was quick off the mark to get in and learn as much as he could so that he could make GarageBand work for him. Check out what he learned and what he made using the knowledge he gained from the music production course.

Here’s what he had to say:

My name is Nathan. I attended the TSS: Masterclass in Music Technology with Andre Johnson. It was really exciting meeting and learning with new people and it was fun to experience something like this online. You can read about my experience below:

Why did I decide to join the masterclass on music tech?

I had just finished the American songbook course and was told about this masterclass coming up. My dad has Logic Pro X and Garageband – I wanted to learn how to make beats and tracks for song ideas, import my music as a musician and to learn a lot about music production. I also joined so that I could help other people – like changing/modifying settings in microphones and other devices. This is for if it had feedback or if they wanted echo and such various effects.

What did I enjoy and get out of it to help my musical journey?

I enjoyed making the beats and finding out what everything meant. It has helped my musical journey because I have been able to make a song and I have also learnt how to edit it to make it fit and sound better.

How have I found music has helped me during this lockdown?

Music has helped a lot because if I didn’t have all these music courses, lessons and projects, I would probably been extremely bored, I would have forgotten things I had learnt and I would be annoying everyone in the house even more and end up exploding!!

What’s the one thing I can’t wait to get back to!?

I can’t wait to get back to physically going to school because the way school is through lockdown is really difficult. It is hard to do work in an environment I would sleep and play in.

How did I go about writing and composing my song?

I was in the middle of a lesson and I was putting together some beats. I heard a really nice combination and said to mum that I am definitely going to make a song. So I was thinking what should I sing/write about and mum suggested covid-19 and my lockdown experience. I just started thinking of things that rhyme and started making sentences that would make sense (about lockdown) and fit to the beat.

Here’s what Nathan made: