Thanks to funding from Sound Connections we will be partnering with Fairbridge Kennington to lead drumming workshops in their centre and get some of their young people involved in the Summer School.  In the past we have seen a few students from the centre attending the Summer School with really successful results, and we hope that the partnership will build on this and see more young people benefitting from the positive effects of mass music making and high quality performance.  Shayanna Dyer-Harris will be leading drumming workshops in Fairbridge from July through to October.

Nick Godden,Operations Manager at Fairbridge says:

“The opportunity to work in partnership with Kinetika Bloco is really exciting. Music is a brilliant medium to use for the personal and social development of young people, it really enables young people to express themselves and the fact that it is drumming makes it even more special”

A Fairbridge Youth Worker who came to see the 2010 Summer School performance said “I was absolutely blown away! I really can’t believe how much you all manage to achieve in just 2 weeks – really inspiring stuff. So infectiously energetic and fun – I’m so tempted to sign up myself next year!!

Two of the previous Bloco members from Fairbridge are the beautiful Melissa and comedian Ellyson!