On Saturday 16th February we had a fantastic day making music with 49 young people from years 5-8 representing 18 different schools across Lambeth and Southwark. Saint Gabriel’s College and Kinetika Bloco collaborated to deliver One Big Band giving young people the opportunity to create a band in a day. This was the first of these days, which we now hope to repeat, and was a huge success. The young participants worked with members of Kinetika Bloco to create a performance of 4 pieces of music which they performed to their parents at the end of the day. It was so inspiring to watch some of our young people who have benefitted from being a part of Kinetika Bloco for many years give back to the younger generation and help them experience all that mass music making has to offer.

Our friends at CSE joined us to add just a bit more cool to the performance with some flippin and tricking across the hall!

If you missed it – you missed out! But don’t worry, hopefully we will run one again soon, so sign up to our newsletter and stay informed!