The Kinetika Bloco Leadership program was fantastic! It provided such a valuable experience and I would highly recommend it. The programme not only helped me develop my leadership skills, but it also allowed me to grow as an individual.

The programme was made in a way that allowed us to learn and practice leadership skills while being a part of the Kinetika Bloco community. We had the opportunity to work closely with experienced leaders who guided us through various activities and workshops.

One of the things I loved most about the program was the sense of belonging within the group. We were all passionate about Kinetika Bloco and that passion brought us together. The support from the other participants and mentors was truly great.

The programme also provided us with opportunities to take on leadership roles within Kinetika Bloco. This let us try to apply the leadership skills we learned in a real-world setting. It was rewarding to see how our leadership skills could make a positive impact on the performances and the overall experience for the audience.

Overall, the Kinetika Bloco Leadership Programme was well good and was a transformative experience. It not only helped me develop my leadership skills, but it also allowed me to connect with others on a deep level. The program established a sense of confidence that I have with me to this day. The confidence and ability to express myself is thanks to the leadership programme for helping me find more about myself and discovering who I am.

If you’re passionate about Kinetika Bloco and want to take your involvement to the next level, I highly recommend the Leadership Programme. It will not only better your skills but also provide you with an incredible support system and a sense of belonging. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Oliver, Bloco Young Leader

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