Newham Carnival….what an interesting day!! Journeying from across the river in the “red chariots” in torrential rain to the far plains of…Newham, East London. Ok, so it wasn’t quite torrential rain but it was rainy and it was a long journey. We met up at Elephant and made our way by bus to Central Park School in Newham. When we finally made it to Newham, we walked to the school (no thanks to iPhone maps!!) and found our way in to begin our rehearsals. We got there eventually, it was kind of fun trying to remember all the old tunes!  Despite the Carnival starting early because of all the rain we finally managed to catch up with them and made one circuit of the local park and then went back to the school. It was the shortest gig we’ve ever done at a spectacular 20 minutes long walk but we managed to miss the heavy rain so who’s going to complain.

So in short…rainy journey, fun rehearsal (Thanks Dominic, Curtis, Sahr and Ashton!), short procession and snacks! Oh yeah! And a HoTT game of the celebrity game, the ultimate travelling game! Hahahaha

Love it! Only makes sense when you’re on a Kinetika Bloco adventure!