Kinetika Bloco are partnering with NCS to deliver an exciting new project for 16-17 year old’s. This programme will develop essential social, life and employability skills. It will also look great on a CV or further education application like 6th form/college or university.

By engaging in this programme, we want you to…

  • Become world-ready and work-ready
  • Feel able to have an impact on the world
  • Have greater confidence, resilience, and wellbeing
  • Have respect and tolerance for difference and diversity

This will be achieved by the following experiences…

  • Developing life skills and supporting independent living
  • Providing opportunities for volunteering and social action
  • Building employability and work-readiness
  • Allow young people from all backgrounds to mix socially

The next phase of the project will run during November and December. It will consist of 16 hours of planning and delivering a social action project including organising our annual Bloco Xmas Party! 

Wednesday November 15th
Wednesday November 22nd
Wednesday November 29th
Wednesday December 8th
Wednesday December 13th (if needed)
Friday December 15th – Xmas Party!

From January – March sessions will focus on employability skills, including workplace insight days, making you familiar with and building expertise knowledge needed for any career! Dates to be confirmed soon.

5:30 – 7:30pm

Spirit Level, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX

16 and 17 year old’s

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