What are these sessions for?

These sessions are for anybody who is interested in better understanding Music Production software. I’ll be using Logic Pro X, but will be using terminology and techniques that apply across multiple platforms. This will be useful to you whether you want to produce your own music, or use it as a tool to write down your own ideas or just learn a new skill.


What will you need?

Pen & Paper! – All of the things I’ll be showing/demonstrating on screen are techniques for you to go away and explore for yourself, so a pen and paper will be all you need so that you can write down shortcuts and other useful information as there will be lots of things to experiment with.

If you have access to any music software you may want to have it at the ready incase you need to ask any questions about similarities/differences. But for the most part these sessions will be formatted like a university lecture (I’ll be explaining things with demonstrations on screen, and you will be writing information and ideas down, whilst also asking me questions) so you can go away afterwards ready to explore the technologies at your own pace.

17th June – Interface & Ideas – Getting used to the Logic/(GarageBand) interface, becoming familiar with the basics & integrals. How to get your own ideas down onto the program.

24th June – Expanding in an electronic medium – Looking at how simple melodies/rhythms can be expanded and altered using the electronic tools.

1st July- Mixing & Editing – Once your ideas are down, I will show you how to make them sound the best that they can be using the mixer and other effects.

8th July – Your ideas/work (Seminar/Plenary) – Looking at work you’ve composed/want to create and considering the best ways to go about improving and fine tuning.