Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th February 18 Bloco leaders gathered together for the Leadership Programme: Work Out.  The days were facilitated by Adie Shariff and we had a great time learning about Aspiration, Resilience and Charm.  Over the 2 days we explored these areas of Leadership and completed several exercises including building a 12 meter long Rollerball track as a team, which worked….on the third attempt!  The Monday afternoon included a session with professional actors Peter Winnall and Deborah Asante leading a Forum Theatre exercise with the participants looking at issues and situations that they may face as young Bloco leaders.  Peter said of the session “It was a real pleasure to work with the group and I only wish everyone I worked with was as bright and enthusiastic.”

All the Leaders shared the main thing they felt they had learnt at the end of Tuesday which demonstrated the impact of the programme so far:

“The big thing for me was to not just look at the big picture which can be overwhelming and difficult but to actually take a first step…to think less and do more”

“I am going to take on more challenges, grow as a person with confidence. If I have an idea I’m going to believe in them and not let myself get dismissed easily”

“I want to be more of a risk taker, not stay in my comfort zone but go more with my gut feeling and not think so much that my thoughts take the better of me”

“I am going to take more control and have more courage. In the past if I get offended I strike back, but instead I am going to take control of my reactions and deal with the situation”

Next up is “Being an Influencer and Role Model (personal presence, your footprint, being authentic)” with David Hopley OBE