I enjoyed learning about the mix of different positions people had in the music industry because people did not have the same job positions but a variety which was good. The knowledge that I absorbed in the panel really helped me to come out of my comfort zone and actually do what I always wanted to do but was too scared to do in the past which is singing openly and confidently in front of people. Even though I am still working on my confidence, this panel allowed me to know that you shouldn’t be afraid of what you want to do.

The discussions that I had with Lois really motivated me to just be brave and do what I’ve wanted which is singing openly. I learnt multiple of tips from their experiences but the two tips that really stood out to me and took with me is that I should use my time wisely because there is only 24hrs in a day so do it with something productive and creative, the second one being is that you should never wish for life to be easier wish for you to be stronger. Through this I was able to network with people and just discuss how they made it to their dream job or what they have always wanted to do musically.

By Elizabeth Adeleke.