It was a great day in South East London, as Southwark council together with local businesses, organisations and yes, Kinetika Bloco brought four parks alive with the sound of music, colour, dance, workshops, food and a procession. We, Kinetika Bloco, met early and even had enough time to grab something to eat from KFC before we set off to visit each park; Camberwell green, Lucas Gardens, Brunswick and then Peckham Sq and give a bright, bold and loud hello to everyone there.

Even with the threat of rain, we still managed to tempt the sun out of hiding and bring that extra Bloco shine to a wonderful festival. We processed from each park along the residential roads of Camberwell and Peckham. We brought people to their windows, doorsteps and balconies to take part in the Kinetika Bloco spectacle. It was great to see neighbours, strangers, families and visitors enjoy the festivities together, especially with the recent riots. Everyone who took part, different cultures, different age groups had a lot to enjoy and participate in, TOGETHER.

It was a great day for community spirit and revelry. We enjoyed every bit of it and hope to participate in many more local gigs; Local gigs that highlight what’s good, positive and successful about our young people, our parents, our families, our older generation, our leaders and our peers: OUR COMMUNITY!

Have a look at the pics!