You know its going to be a good day when the Bloco are going on a coach journey. We made an apperance at the opening of the St. Albans Festival, celebrating everything good about St. Albans. Its always a fun experience for the Bloco and we played our hearts out as we performed in the street theatre piece “Emperor and the Tiger” by Walk the Plank and Kinetika

The Emperor and the Tiger is an awesome spectacular show involving a wise man who rides on the back of a giant Tiger which is the champion for St. Albans. The wiseman goes about trying to get the emperor, who is about 20ft tall (i may be exaggerating but if you check out the pics…you’ll see what i’m talking about) to allow the people to enjoy themselves by celebrating in this festival. We played alongside the Dhol Academy, an amazing Dhol Drumming band and together set the show alight with our different music. It was visually stunning, audibly astounding and a treat for everyone involved.

To end the night Walk the Plank lit up the sky with fireworks bringing the show to a satisfying end.

One more unique and great performance by all involved.