We are celebrating our 21st anniversary with the release of Legacy on Banger Factory Records – our first ever album! Legacy is a celebration of the vision that our founder, Mat Fox, had to inspire a new generation of young Jazz-centric musicians, many of whom are featured on the album,” says Tamzyn French, Kinetika Bloco’s CEO.  

Legacy features leading British musicians who have performed with us over the years, including Claude Deppa, Nubya Garcia, Theon Cross, Sheila Maurice Grey, Artie Zaitz, David Mrakpor and Reuben James. It has been the creative vision of Ruben Fox who pulled all the alumni together in the Summer whilst they were still stuck here due to covid-restrictions! We are releasing the album on Bloco alumni Mark Kavuma’s new record label, Banger Factor Records. It is so exciting and demonstrates the legacy even further!

“We are a family. We rise as one and every past member has contributed in some way, shape or form to this recording and to the ever-transforming legacy of Kinetika Bloco itself,” explains Ruben Fox. “This story is still being written. So here in this landmark recording; we celebrate those who have brought us here.” 

To pre-order the album for download on bandcamp go HERE

You will also be able to buy the CD from our website or at future gigs.