Kinetika Bloco was invited to work with Festive Road to create their Kettle Band for the Brewing Up project!

Well…what’s Brewing Up? It’s a musical project that aimed (and is still doing a brilliant job of it) to work with local bands and young people in the south east of England to form a big band and a show devoted to the joys of Teatime!!! Invited to be a part of the kettle band was the MKDhol drummers, LoboTren and local young musicians. Mat, Emmanuel and I went down there to launch the project and it was great. We got a real sense of collaboration. Would you believe me if I said we had a saxophonist (Mat), Guitarists (The young guys), Dhol drummers (Well, I’m sure you can guess who that was) and samba drummers (LoboTren) all playing together to make one tune. It was crazy awesome!!!

Oh yeah, and Emmanuel and I got to play Dhol drum, although Emmanuel did a better job with it! It’s a bit of patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. LOVED it!!

ciao ciao, Shayanna