KB – The Lockdown stories

We have our latest edition to add to our Lockdown Stories collection. We asked the Bloco family – Bloco seniors, Bloco juniors, Bloco mums, dads and aunts, how they’re feeling being in doors 24-7, what they’ve been doing, the pros and the cons. Why? It’s good to share!

This edition is is from Atl. He is normally a very busy guy! But let him tell you himself, how he’s making the Lockdown an easier experience.


Here’s our next check-in is from Atl, trumpeter and sportsman

Name: Atl

Bloco Section: Bloco Brass & Woodwind.

What have I been up to during lockdown?I don’t like staying indoors a lot because I get paranoid often, thinking that when i go back to my everyday activities i won’t be as good at them anymore so I am trying to keep my technique and form as much as I can by practising at home.

On the other hand, I like it because it gives me the chance to try and discover new things that I wouldn’t have time for otherwise. For instance, I have found hobbies in colouring, in cooking and baking and I get to bond with my friends by playing music.

How are you feeling? I was a bit sad because I had plans for my birthday, but they were cancelled. I still enjoyed my birthday being with my family and receiving loads of messages.

I am very fortunate to live in a time where we have access to phones, internet and social media because I do not feel as isolated as I could have been.

I am also very grateful for my friends as we have helped each other and found ways of communicating and playing with each other.

One thing that would make anyone smile if they were feeling down right now? If I were to give advice to anyone who is bored, I would say:

There’s loads of things to do and don’t be shy to do something that you’ve never done before or you think you’re bad at and with the internet there’s loads of things you can do: learn an instrument learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube the possibilities are endless

 – Atl