Here’s our latest edition to add to KB’s – #TheLockdownStories. We asked Bloco family how they’re feeling being in doors 24-7? What they’ve been doing? And the pros and the cons of #TheLockdown life. Why? It’s good to share!

We met, Kay “The Real Unscripted” Joe, as he shared his talent on Canal Street. He’s a brilliant Photographer, Producer, and Poet. He caught our EARS as we passed and he laid some freestyles on us as we passed by. The Real Unscripted was very welcoming and invited us to perform at his Open Mic night. Of course we went, and we had a great night. We listened to him open the night and then we played a few songs. Thank you The Real Unscripted!

In November 2019, 25+ of the KB crew headed to New Orleans. To learn and experience as much of the NOLA culture as we could. To share our love for music and community with others. And to bring a bit of that NOLA magic back with us.

Let The Real Unscripted take you through his experience so far

Name: The Real Unscripted

Bloco connection / How did you meet us: In New Orleans on Canal Street; I was street performing.

What have you been up to during your lockdown? I have constantly been adjusting to the uncertainty of this situation.

How are you feeling? I’m feeling hopeful

How do you feel about your exams/gigs/teaching being off for now? It’s difficult being knocked off schedule

What are you finding difficult? Navigating my current daily routine which is much different than what I am used to

One thing that would make anyone smile if they were feeling down right now: MUSIC. Stay Hopeful

If we want to find out more about you or your organisation what’s the link: Insta – therealunscripted


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