Here’s our latest edition to add to KB’s – #TheLockdownStories. We asked Bloco family how they’re feeling being in doors 24-7? What they’ve been doing? And the pros and the cons of #TheLockdown life. Why? It’s good to share!

Today we hear from Double Z, Zizi. He’s been part of the Bloco for a long time now! Participant, Bloco leader and now part of the wider support system for our more vulnerable members, Zizi shares his love for music and people in the Bloco. He’s ace! Not only is he an essential member of the squad, he’s a smart cookie! The world of Computing and tech are are no mystery to him! He’s almost finished his degree in it.

So, Zizi, what’s it like completing your degree at home?

Name: Zizi Banda (It’s me…. DOUBLE Z!)


What have you been up to during your lockdown? It’s been a cycle of dissertation, “revising,” gaming and lots of pub quizzes. The dissertation has taken the majority of my time while in lockdown. 

How are you feeling? I’m feeling a bit stressed because of exams, looking for jobs, university as a whole. But I definitely am feeling very good on what is to come for me even with everything being up in the air right now.

How do you feel about your exams/gigs/teaching being off for now? I still have to do my exams (they’re now online) and I have a dissertation to complete. In fact, I still have lessons which are all on zoom or Microsoft teams. Even though I should be feeling stressed, I actually do feel alright as my university has introduced a safety net which basically means I’ve solidified a good grade at university. The reassurance from family and friends also makes it a lot easier.

What are you finding difficult? Not procrastinating. I should be finishing off my dissertation and revising but I spend the majority of the time gaming to be honest. It’s really difficult to focus on what I just have a lot of things that I want to be distracted by.

One thing that would make anyone smile if they were feeling down right now? Look at a memes or wholesome pictures. Like this picture for example of a spider having a water droplet as a hat (google it, they’re amazing)


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