Here’s our latest edition to add to KB’s – #TheLockdownStories. We asked Bloco family how they’re feeling being in doors 24-7? What they’ve been doing? And the pros and the cons of #TheLockdown life. Why? It’s good to share!

Opening the week, we have a short and sweet one from David, also known as Akin Soul. So we’ve all been pretty busy doing various different things during the Lockdown, but some have been doing things you wouldn’t have expected. Like preparing for the release of a debut single!! In the Bloco. David is a trombonist and sings some! In this single, he’s all vocals and dripping soul! Well done David!

Here’s what he’s been up to:

Name: David Ijishakin. Also known as Akin Soul.

Bloco section: Brass

What have you been up to during your lockdown? I’ve been practicing trombone and keys, writing a lot of music and working on the promotion of my debut release!

How are you feeling? It’s been a difficult time because of quarantine but through quarantine, I actually learned a lot about my creativity and artistry. I am excited about the release; I have gotten many radio plays and really cool things are happening!

How do you feel about your music being off for now? Really…really upset…I miss being on stage so much!

What are you finding difficult? N/A :(..Personal family issues is what I’m finding difficult ahaha

One thing that would make anyone smile if they were feeling down right now: My new single, ‘I Want You

Many thanks,

David, Akin Soul.
Instagram: @akinsoul
Twitter: @akinsoul

Watch the video for his new single below. If you’d like to support his artistry and help him to make this the first of many, like his socials and click this link to get his song: Akin Soul single, ‘I Want You” 

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