Here’s our latest edition to add to KB’s – The Lockdown Stories. We asked Bloco family how they’re feeling being in doors 24-7? What they’ve been doing? And the pros and the cons of #TheLockdown life. Why? It’s good to share!

This edition is from Christ-Stephane, Bloco trombonist. Christ-Stephane is one of the most hard-working young musicians! As well as being a part of the Bloco, Christ-Stephane is a member of The Apprentices, a collective of Bloco musicians which performed out our fundraiser concert last year, “We Are Bloco.” He’s also formed a band with a few other musicians too. Christ-Stephane is definitely one to keep an eye on. However, the Lockdown has curbed the rehearsals (in person) you need to create new music, what has Christ-Stephane been up to.

Here’s what Christ-Stephane he’s been doing:

Name: Christ-Stephane Boizi

Bloco section: Brass

What have you been up to during your lockdown? I’ve been shedding a lot. Working on this transcription Ruben’s challenged me with.. its 98% complete at the time I’m writing this. I’ve also been trying to stay very socials, though zoom calls aren’t the best. I’ve done a bit of school work but I’m not as motivated due to exams being cancelled. So I’ve put all of my energy into music.

How are you feeling? I’m pretty normal.. if that’s a feeling. I can be a bit demotivated but that’s normal, I guess. We all have off days.

How do you feel about your music being off for now? I miss it, my exams were coming up and I was advised to put stuff on hold to focus but now I wish I hadn’t because now I’m stuck at home.. playing by myself. I miss the feeling of vibing with other musicians the most. However, people are less busy, especially musicians, so I’m taking this time to seek advice and better myself as a person and musically.

What are you finding difficult? I guess I took rehearsals for granted so I miss those.

One thing that would make anyone smile if they were feeling down right now. Listening to music. Music has the power to change moods. Whatever genre it is.. just listen to a whole album.. learn the lyrics or melodies off by heart… I don’t know. Then see the difference, I guess. Don’t let quarantine stop you from completely doing things you normally do.

Stay Blessed Family.

– Christ-Stephane