Here’s our latest edition to add to KB’s – The Lockdown Stories. We asked Bloco family how they’re feeling being in doors 24-7? What they’ve been doing? And the pros and the cons of #TheLockdown life. Why? It’s good to share!

This edition is from Ashley T. Ashley is on the Flautist team of Bloco Brass and woodwind section. She’s been part of the Bloco for 8 years; starting in drums and then to Brass and woodwind. Today is a special day too; it’s Ashley’s birthday tomorrow. So we’d like to wish you, Ashley, the happiest birthday!

Here’s what Ashley T has been up to during the lockdown:

Name: Ashley T

Bloco section: Brass and Woodwind

What have you been up to during your lockdown? I’ve been doing schoolwork at home and chilling out with the family. I do this thing called Care Trade, The Autism project. So, what we get to do is employability [skills], we get to do Maths and English. It’s online and I’m doing a bit by myself.

How are you feeling? It’s pretty strange because this is the first time that a lot of us have ever done lockdown before but yeah. It’s strange that we’re not allowed to go out that much and that we’re not allowed to see our friends.

Do you get to see your friends online? I get to see my friends on Zoom sometimes.

How do you feel about your exams/gigs/teaching being off for now? I feel pretty good about that [college]; I get to do that on WhatsApp and Zoom. I didn’t do any of the Easter Holiday [KB projects] because I was still doing schooling and I still am. I think the Friday [rehearsals] are pretty good, except when my phone died.

What’s like now without doing the bloco gigs and so on? It’s kind of weird because it’s like, I haven’t been to a bloco gig in ages. I haven’t been to gig since September.

What do you miss about it? Seeing Bloco faces, like face to face. And I’ve been missing you and Tamzyn mostly. (Awww thanks Ashley! You too)

Is there anything you’re finding difficult? No

One thing that would make anyone smile if they were feeling down right now: Listen to music that makes them happy.

– Ashley

Ashley also said it’s Brass and Woodwind tutor, Andy Grappy’s Birthday on the 4th May, so we’d like to wish you a Happy Birthday too!