May Half-term saw Tamzyn, Sam and Bloco Leaders Femi, Dominic, Ruben, Jonathan, Shay and the beautiful Aneira head up to Coventry to team up with the A-mazing #DavefromCoventry to deliver a Bloco style workshop to Dave’s already a-mazing band “Drumestra” – Steel pan, drumming and vocal group.

#DavefromCoventry, better know as Dave Barrett, is based in Coventry and besides being a lovely guy, is a music teacher up their specialising in Drumming and Steel pan. He works with a number of different schools, but for this workshop we worked with Foxford school and a yound man named Fraser from Blue Coats school. These 11-16 year olds were talented, focused and fun. Dave will be coming dwn this Summer to join us on the Kinetika Summer School as our Steel Pan tutor. Hopefully, he will be bringing some, if not all of his steel pan crew down to join u for a few days.

However, the May trip was to spend some time working with Dave and his Drumestra on some of the music we have chosen for KB Summer School 2014. For the three days, we worked on developing the steel pan parts and drum grooves for the tunes. We got to know them and they us; sharing with us their style too.

We can’t wait for Summer!

Check out some of our clips of the trip

Sa Sa Yea Mighty Sparrow


20 minute Samba by Dave Barrett