The Kinetika Bloco Leadership Programme is designed to give you the opportunity to discover your potential and expand your awareness of what leadership means. You will gain insights from industry professionals about what it means to be a leader in today’s day and age and, crucially, will be encouraged to start taking steps in your leadership journey.

Important: this course is part of essential training for Bloco leaders and exists to curate the next generation of people like Sheila Maurice-Gray (Kokoroko), Dominic Canning (MD for Celeste and musician at Steamdown), Femi Koleoso (Ezra Collective), Keiran Pearson, Scarlett Stewart, Andre Johnson, Arlowe Fox and Shayanna Dyer-Harris. They all took part in this programme in order to be hired as leaders in Kinetika Bloco. You do not have to have experience in leadership before signing up, but you must be curious.

We are looking for applicants who will be:
· 14 years old or older
· Open-minded
· Punctual
· Curious
· Keen to challenge their ideas
· Having ideas about leadership

This would suit you if you:
· Regularly attend Kinetika Bloco gigs and workshop
· Haven’t attended Kinetika Bloco but are interested
· Have ideas to improve Bloco
· Are inspired by the leaders in Bloco
· Would often like to run a game or a part of rehearsal
· Always help set up and pack away

Note: this course isn’t about being an amazing musician/dancer, it’s about being dedicated at helping young people and working well with the team.

Check out our Leadership Programme Video here

If you’d like to join the programme – Check out our Leadership Programme Syllabus for more information here OR fill in the form below, so you can start your leadership journey with us.

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