On 28th July 9 of the Kinetika Bloco dancers had the huge opportunity to perform on the Royal Festival Hall main stage with the amazing Baaba Maal and his band of friends.  They worked together for a week with the choreographer Georges Momboye, a brilliant choreographer from the Ivory Coast who now lives in Paris where he runs Centre Momboye. Georges and the KB dancers were joined by 8 professional dancers from Senegal including Diene Sagna, Batch Gueye and Oumar Sagna and worked together for 8 days to create dances to accompany Baaba Maal’s set.  It was a fantastic experience for our girls to work alongside professional dancers and perform on the great Royal Festival Hall stage in such a creative and energetic show.  Truly grateful to Southbank Centre for giving us these creative opportunities and chances to make new friends from around the world.