Junior Bloco Summer School 2020 here we come!! Join us for workshops in drumming, brass, woodwind, and steel pans.

When: 27th – 30th July 2020
Where: Streatham Wells Primary School, 50 Palace Rd, Streatham, London SW2 3NJ.
Time: 10am-4pm
Who: Young people from London aged 9-13 years old
How Much: £15 suggested DONATION

At Junior Summer School you will learn new skills or develop existing ones and join together with over 60 other young people to play music, steel pan or drum and put together a spectacular show for friends and family.

Once you have completed the school you are then a fully signed up member of the Bloco and you’ll hopefully stay with us for the rest of the year…or forever! You can join Junior Summer School as a Drummer / Brass-woowind or Steel Pan player. We are not doing DANCE at this year’s JSS.

Our drums are samba drums and the Bateria (drum section) is at the centre of the Bloco, no previous experience is required to join this section, you just need to love it loud!

Brass-Woodwind players
We call this our brass section but it really means any wind instrument you can walk with, you need to have access to your own instrument, or borrow from your school, and you must be able to play the notes because we play as an ensemble, we don’t provide individual tuition. No grades required.

Steel pans
We have places for 22 young people in this section. It’s great if you have a bit of previous pan experience, but if you don’t and just love music you’ll fit right in!