Junior Summer School is back! 29th July – 1st August! And we’re excited…games, music, performances and hopefully, you guys!…what else could we ask for!?

The project, as always, is 4 days of full on music. With a Steel Pan section (FULL), Brass and woodwind section and a Drum section. There’s space for 100 awesome people! Aged 9-13yrs. and it’s all for a £15 donation, which if at the moment, you can’t make that or can donate more, is negotiable. The only thing we ask is that if you want to play in the brass and woodwind section, you have your own instrument and you know how to play it.

What we do – We learn some funky songs and put them all together as a HUGE! band and then we perform it to our friends and family on the last day.

We’ll be based in a new school this summer, Streatham Wells, which is super because we do love to share the Bloco joy with as many people as possible! So thanks for having us, Streatham Wells Primary School!

We also have another special performance scheduled – The Junior Bloco have been invited to perform at the Meltdown Festival on the 4th Aug! (More info to come)

While we’re at it! We’d like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation for funding this project!


…and enjoy our highlights video of Junior Summer School 2018!