Our summer has been busy and filled with some amazing, hard-working and talented young people. With one more summer programme to go, we thought we’d check in with our first summer school participants, the Junior, and see how they’re feeling about their experience.

Here’s what they said:

think you should come to Kinetika Bloco because it is a music club in Tulse Hill and the team that will teach you are very friendly. Another reason why you should come is that it will give you a chance in life to learn a instrument. Either steel pans, drums ora range of woodwind. I like it because it is in a school so it feels like you are working in the holiday and also you will make lots of friends.” by S, Woodwind.

“I like it because when I am playing the steel pans there is a lot of staff and children to around to help. Also because it has made me the person I am today and I am happy about that. 

I would recommend it for you because all the worries that I couldn’t do it is now gone because of my practice. Practice makes perfect.” by L, Steel Pans