Amongst the many great things we’ve enjoyed doing in the last 12 months and we’ve got great things to come in the next 12 months. We were invited to two amazing discussions with some pretty inspiring ladies: Michela Obama, Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Chelsea Clinton. 5 of our fab  members were able to attended each event.

We ended last year with Michelle Obama’s discussion on her book, “Becoming”, sharing her life, what’s she has  experienced on the way where she is. Discussing her journey as a woman, worker, mother, activist, and wife of the 44th president of the USA, Barak Obama. Her powerful story of the various parts of her life that have unfolded to where she is now is great for those that may not yet know that life changes, your goals change, and it’s ok. You can stand for things, you are different things to different people, you can fight adversity, you can be vulnerable! You can achieve! You are always becoming something new, evolving and learning and that development is “ok”. We left on high feeling inspired, encouraged and happy

Yesterday, Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, delivered a great discussion on their book which is a collection of stories of courageous and resilient women, “The Book of Gutsy Women.” What stands out about this book is that in the beginning you’re told that Hillary didn’t have something like this when she was growing up, how things have changed. Within the book are stories of everyone from Mary Beard, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Greta Thunberg, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Aí Jen Poo, Caster Semanya, Ada Lovelace and so many more.

Here’s what our Gutsy Bloco young women had to say about The Book of Gutsy Women discussion

Mirabelle – “the thing that most inspired effort was the openness of the discussion and the willingness of the inspirational women to talk about and acknowledge all the women that has ever done something to make life better.”

Melissa – “I think the thing that inspired me from the take is knowing to have courage in what I do and that if critics are made to me not to take it personal and learn from it. Knowing to take risks with my life.”

Elizabeth – “the things that most inspirEd me during this talk are: it’s ok to stay down for a while but you gotta get back up, you got to remain optimistic, don’t take critique personally to help with self confidence, establish your ground, encourage yourself to take risks and take seriously your own real life.”

Kiyana – “What inspired me the most was Hillary and Chelsea‘s answers to avoiding being disempowered by men. I thought that it was interesting to hear two gutsy women give their opinions  and how they went through similar situations, especially with Hillary having to face Donald Trump. Both women were honest and genuine in their replies and they encouraged us to avoid looking weak and incapable of performing around men who “breath down our throats.”

Zyann – “WOW! I am thrilled. This was so inspirational, watching women that so much young females like me look up to today talk about how they got so successful and what inspired them really motivated me to become a better person and never stop trying and achieve more. I’ve never felt so elated to see women stand up about equality and stand up about rights that should of been done a long time ago and feminism is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. I am confident and passionate that if events like this are exposed to the people of my generation we will not only be the best generation but as gusty as we can can. It was undeniably one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time.”


Massive thank you to the Southbank Centre sharing this opportunity with us. We all felt that the space was welcoming, safe, open to both men and women, political but not overpowering, accessible for young, older, those with access needs, disabilities, visual and aural impairments. It’s was meaningful. Kiyana said it best, “Having gutsy women encourage girls like me about life and my future is very employing, and I couldn’t ask for a better night!”