…You had a few days of fun and freedom as soon as school finished and then got bored watching the rain fall and your money disappear.  So why not change that this Summer and come and join Kinetika Bloco, there are still a few places left on the Summer School in drumming, music and steel pan. The dance course is almost full, but you can still register and then if anyone drops out you’ll be in with a place.

You’ll get 2 weeks to have fun with 100 other young people and learn some new skills whilst you’re at it. You can also learn the Ukulele for an extra £20 and be like all the cool (?!) kids in town.

Plus through the rest of the Summer you’ll get to be a part of some pretty huge performances in Southwark, Notting Hill and Thames Festival.

Find out more about the fabulous world of the Ukulele here