The last two weeks have been a pleasure. We’ve had Bloco member Luke in the house! Luke is a young producer, drummer and lyricist. It was his first time attending the Kinetika Bloco Summer school last year and we’ve asked him to share his experience with us all. Here’s what he had to say:

“Kinetika Bloco Summer School is, in my eyes an opportunity to have a new experience, to be part of and witness something you just won’t get in school.

For me, having not even been involved in Bloco for even a year yet, but my time in drums has been a fantastic experience. I have a lot to learn about this organisation and a lot to be part of. I hope to stay with Bloco for many years to come and share my experiences with the Bloco family, and any new people myself or others may introduce to Bloco.

I have always had a problem with concentration and listening, and that skill has been tested and improved over my time here.

We are a family here, a very large family, filled with people of many different personalities, some may be bold, others may be reserved and of fewer words, but when we all come together, all of that is put aside for us to just make music.

I would recommend Kinetika Bloco Summer School for anyone like myself, with an interest in the arts, no matter your ability musically you will be supported by all those around you.”

– Luke, Drum Squad