I think we can agree this year has been a tough for everyone! This was supposed to be our big 20th birthday year. Our theme had been discussed and planned at a Thanksgiving meeting back in New Orleans as “In the Spirit of Kinetika Bloco” looking at Togetherness, Celebration and Shared Heritage. As this pandemic progressed through the spring we realised that we had better park our big celebration till 2021. The 21st Coming of Age party is always more fun, right!? However our theme of Togetherness still rang true: COVID-19 has demonstrated very clearly that we are all in this together and the way through is together.

Some people have definitely been more affected than others though and we have seen that our young people have had a tough time, with their education cancelled, their results calculated by an algorithm, their futures limited by a global recession and all of this against a backdrop of racism, fear, anger and grief.  We felt it was important, if we were allowed, to be able to deliver some face to face activity this Summer to begin to get things back for them, to support their wellbeing and mental health and to help them prepare for a return to education this September. Thankfully, the government gave guidance just in time for us and we were able to put together a small programme of summer activity facilitated by our amazing team of freelance legends.

We wanted to share the Evaluation Report with you as it demonstrates how young people and their families are feeling, how they needed the activity and what impact it had on them. It has encouraged us to keep going and make sure that our young people’s needs are at the centre of our work and we hope it may encourage others who are starting to get back out there.

Read our report here: Summer Activity Report 2020

“As always, and once again, Kinetika Bloco has brought together its family to celebrate music. Not all the family members are blood related. We are connected by our passion for music and true expression. We are united, and we come together, as this year’s summer school proves – in any given circumstances. Participating in Kinetika Bloco’s summer school means the world to me. Each year it completely changes my life for the better. Reminding me that all we really have in this life is each other. Giving me the opportunity to finesse my musical voice and join my peers in a mutual call. We are calling you. Calling you to wake up from your old ways. We give you an example. We show you how to be. No matter who and how we are. Together, we are one.”
Brass participant