From Friday 4th June we will be running weekly sessions at the Southbank Centre. Our first sessions land in the half term break, so will be during the day and from the following week they will be running after school.
We are running sessions in all sections:
  • Brass and Woodwind with Ruben- “These new Friday sessions will give us time to explore some new arrangements and discuss the many possibilities of arranging for Bloco. The music will be slightly harder, and we will focus on nuance, style and improvisation.”
  • Drumming with Sam- “My plan for the sessions will be to cover the following topic of thinking and playing like an all-round music maker.
    1. Building speed
    2. Truly understanding how to Groove 
    3. Bringing excitement to music
    4. Learn how to build drum parts for Bloco”
  • Dance with Leon- “ In these sessions we will be developing performance , teamwork and creative skills. Looking at styles and musicality and a chance to create own choreography whiles having FUN!”
  • Steel Pans with Scarlett- More details to follow
These sessions are aimed at our Senior participants, as they will be more advanced, fast paced and are open for young people aged 14+. From exact timings and to sign up, please use the button below.
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