Do something different with your family, friends or both over zoom by joining us next week on Thursday 4th June, 7pm  for our Samba Drumming workshop, in aid of Kinetika Bloco, our Shutdown Sessions and our future.

Here’s a message from Shay:

“I’m really looking forward to our ‘new look’ Samba with Shay session. Join me for a bit of organised and musical noise! The plan is to bring you to bring the Big Bloco noise to your home, with a little of my help. You can use anything, as long as when you pat or tap it, it makes a noise – books, pots, pans, tables, pens can be your drumsticks, you hands work fine by themselves, your lap, chests, chairs, sofa, wooden spoons, plastic spoons, tubs of cream, buckets(s), and shakers from bags half empty bags of rice/peas/peppercorns. Ooo, must not forget boxes, but you might want to fill it with books, or clothes, so it can keep it’s structure and doesn’t get too battered and fall apart. Haha! Honestly, you can use anything…. Oh yes, and drums, if you have any.

It’s for the whole too. There’ll be something there for everyone, whether you’re a pro or a complete beginner! Come armed with snacks and your favourite juice!”

You can join in with the session alone or with your household for this family friendly event

We have a couple of ways that you can support us and join in with the fun. Either donate what you can to our Shutdown Sessions appeal page, quoting “Samba with Shay” OR sign up and become a #BFF, our monthly giving scheme which you can read more about on our Support Us page and join Samba with Shay for free! Once you have chosen how to support, please email to lets us know you’ve done it and we will send you the log in details.