We bought the warmth of carnival to Brixton on a chilly day in December for Brixton Market Mambo!  We always love to do events in our local area and so even though it was cold we were excited to be out in our ends.  We feel it is really important to demonstrate the positive side of young people in South London and also encourage them to travel into other areas of South London and work together to fight the negative stereotypes.  This is why local events are so important to us.

“There is so much bad news about young people in general and young (black) people from Brixton and Peckham in particular.  Being in the Bloco is a wonderful opportunity for young people from different communities to get together and to make music and dance and sing and to show a more positive side of south London from the one we usually hear about on the news.  The young people come from the south London community and they are also putting something back in to the community every time they participate with the Bloco in local carnivals and street festivals.” Anne Fitchett, snare player Adam O’s Mum