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As well as working with an amazing group of young people Kinetika Bloco is keen to share our experiences, training and performances and is available for bookings for events, workshops, corporate team builds, or partnering on larger scale projects…

Festivals and Events

Kinetika Bloco has performed at National and International carnival and performance events including: Ryde Carnival 2001-02, Notting Hill Carnival 2005/07, Belfast Carnival 2005, The Mayor’s Thames Festival 2000-2010, Beijing Olympic Cultural Festival 2007, unveiling of the Nelson Mandela statue 2007 and The Paul O’Grady Show 2009.We can provide you with an intimate band for a launch or press event to a roof raising extravaganza stage or processional show.

“Thanks indeed to all the Bloco for a brilliant performance on Saturday, bringing so much colour and energy to our event. I think it was down to you that the sun was eventually persuaded to come out!”
Joëlle McNichol, Seventeen Events for LSBU Summer Fete

“The Kinetika Bloco are a fantastically dedicated and impressive group of young musicians and performers who have become a permanent and much anticipated fixture at the Thames Festival both on stage and in the Carnival. We look forward to welcoming them back with brand new costumes and music to once again wow the crowds!”
Kitty Ross, Thames Festival

Music Collaborations

The Kinetika Bloco is keen to collaborate on music projects and in the past we have worked with composer James Morton on The Compass Suite, Dan Zanes and Friends at the Southbank and performed at the London Jazz Festival 5 times. The Bloco began life as a Bateria and over time has added a brass section, dancers and this year we will be integrating a steel pan section. Our music has a strong improvisational nature and is influenced by many different cultures and then rooted into our own South London youth culture. We have elements of samba band, marching band, and jazz band resulting in a unique hybrid that doesn’t look or sound like anyone else! We have covered music as diverse as Sun Ra, Fela Kuti, Disney, Folk Songs, Dizzy Rascal and Michael Jackson.

“Kinetika Bloco taking the party into the stratosphere!”
Dan Zanes, 2011

“The 110-strong Kinetika Bloco had an equally exhilarating take on music history for their afternoon show in the Festival Hall ballroom. Dressed in carnival costumes, the young musicians and dancers tore into a repertoire that included Greensleeves, Billie Jean and Second Star to the Right. The Last One, boosted by an enthusiastic fiddle section, was a call and response song from the Bahamas, led by sweet-voiced Shayanna Harris. Kinetika takes the “harmelodic” intonation and imprecision inevitable in mixed-ability orchestras and makes it a positive feature by linking it to the rumbustious jazz of Sun Ra’s Arkestra or the Brotherhood of Breath. Light years from the Dankworths, maybe, but I bet they could do a fabulously hary version of Sir John’s African Waltz.”
John L Walters, The Guardian Review of the London Jazz Festival, 2007

Schools Workshops

Music and dance have the power to engage and excite young people, to stimulate their social and personal development, educate them in different cultures and inspire discipline and confidence. Kinetika Bloco has delivered schools workshops across the country from Devon to Derby and we can offer your students an exciting, dynamic workshop experience.

We offer: one-off full day music and dance workshops with up to 70 young people; tutors to lead regular after school music activity; or more sustained support to help you set up your own Bloco. The workshops can fit into activities week, kick off a launch of music or carnival activities in the school, or be used as a tool to build self esteem of the students and a sense of community within the year group. Workshops always result in a performance / sharing opportunity which can be shown to the rest of the school. We are flexible to the needs of your school and can tailor a workshop to your requirements. Workshops are led by a team of Professionals and our Trainees, who students find very inspiring examples that they can look up to.

“Year 8 are still buzzing!!!!! Everyone in college is really inspired by the carnival arts theme! Thank you again for making this all possible”
Ann Cockerham, Head Teacher, Rye College

“Eight truly inspirational Kinetika tutors came up from London to be the midwives in the delivery of a new Bloco. 50 young people arrived to take part in the day which started with a DVD of Kinetika’s trip to China. You could easily tell that the participants were sold after the first few frames of the DVD! Everyone seemed totally immersed in what they were doing and were clearly spellbound by the enthusiasm of the tutors. The dancers wore spectacular parade costumes and learnt all the moves they needed for three whole songs in just a few hours. The woodwind and brass players were given parts to learn – sitting down and reading first of all, then made to take the music away stand up and move as they played! Not your usual music lesson, but they all loved it and made incredible progress with the support of the music team. The drummers seemed to be in a world of their own as they made lots of intricate rhythms. The day was rounded-off with all the groups getting back together to perform in front of an appreciative audience. Within seconds the audience was captivated.”
Richard Brown, Arts Development Manager, Comberton Village College

Partnership Developments

Kinetika Bloco has helped to establish and support 8 Bloco’s around the country over the last few years, we are keen to share our successful model and help you to start something similar in your area. We believe in the benefits of partnering with other organisations. We can provide a variety or workshops to either kick start the process or help you to move on to the next level. We are also happy for organisations to visit us and see how we work.

“It was really useful for us as a less experienced band to have the experience of being part of something larger, with a wider range of instruments – it helps us to see what might be possible and inspires us to try different things”
Allan Davies, LoboTren, Milton Keynes

“Based in the relatively new settlement of Cambourne, 8 miles west of Cambridge, the Cambourne Bloco has already begun to make its first tottering steps guided by the Kinetika team”
Richard Brown, Comberton Bloco, Cambridge

Corporate Team Build

Do you want a team build that will inspire creativity, motivate and align your team, break down communication barriers and support an exciting UK youth charity! We believe that music, dance and the arts can help team members develop many skills and that our workshops will bring real value to your team resulting in greater commitment and engagement. The company will benefit from a more cohesive team that performs better leading to greater efficiency and productivity and above all your team will have a fun day together. So how about investing in your business and showing your employees that their success is important for the success of the business. This kind of motivation is key to ensuring that each individual feels valued, has a chance to express their unique qualities and understands that the sum of the group’s success outweighs individual success!