#FeelGoodFriday – The right song will make you smile ear to ear if you let it! And we’ve got loads of music to choose from and to learn and so, a whole load of reasons to smile! How about joining us for a Bloco Rehearsal, next Friday to learn a song or two? Steel pans, keys, brass, woodwind, drums or dance!
We have been running regular Friday rehearsals online which are open to the whole of Bloco and new participants aged 14-25 with previous experience (find out more on out Join Us page)! These started out by looking over old bangers that we have played in previous years including “Spottieottiedopalicious” and “Satta Massagana“.
The leaders have since developed these sessions to cover more specific musical and instrumental techniques to help develop those who are attending.
Next week, in the Brass and Woodwind section, Jermaine will be joined by the amazing Claude Deppa. Here’s what he’s going to cover:
“This week, in the Kinetika Brass shutdown session we’re going to be taught a tune by our very own Claude Deppa. Claude, in the second half of the session, will teach us the fundamentals of circular breathing. Circular breathing is a technique brass and woodwind players use to to play continuously by breathing in through the nose and blowing air out of their mouth… at the same time! Don’t miss out, it’s going to be fun!”
In the drumming/percussion section, Andre is going to be delving in to the following:
“How to mix up and get creative with making your own rhythms? And how to apply them to specific sequences? As well as looking at soloing in context with said rhythms.”
The dance workshop with Arlowe will be looking at the style of dance known as “Finger Tutting“, which is an intricate, angular style of movement using your hands. This session is open to anyone with hands.
In the Steel Pans session, Scarlett has opened up her section so that anyone with a piano or keyboard can join her too.
We hope to see you there!
Don’t forget, if you’d like to. join us next Friday or any of our sessions, pop over to our Join Us page tot sign up.