In the Spirit of KINETIKA BLOCO

We are delighted to announce our Theme for 2020 and share with you the new flyer for our Junior and Senior Summer School. As someone who has joined us before we hope you will come back and join in the fun of our 20th Birthday.

In the spirit of Togetherness | In the spirit of Celebration | In the spirit of Kinetika Bloco 

The last 20 years have been a journey! We have celebrated growth and success; we have experienced joy and pain together; we have looked forward and always respected our heritage, mindful of the contribution of so many to who we are.  

We understand that Kinetika Bloco is more than the sum of its parts. It surpasses the ordinary. It is deeper than any one person, genre, ego, or moment in time.  

 It is sacred. It is powerful. And it is bigger than all of us.  

 Kinetika Bloco is a combination of everybody’s contribution – those who are still here and those who have gone before. We all bring our energy, our talent, our time, our passion, our pain and our joy together to create and inspire.  We acknowledge the past as a foothold for our future. 

This 20th year we come together and celebrate through music, dance, costume and shared experience in the spirit of Kinetika Bloco! 

Key words: 

Sacred: highly valued and important, entitled to reverence and respect  

Heritage: descent in line from a common- sometimes legendary – founder of a family, clan or tribe

Celebrate: to participate in uninhibited good times! 

Togetherness: a feeling of closeness or affection from being united with other people