Kinetika Bloco took to the streets of Notting Hill Carnival for children’s day on Sunday 25th August for the first time ever by ourselves and we won our section! 70 of our young people arrived en mass by the faithful number 36 bus and we got out early so that we arrived at judging point around 11am.  We had a great day with no bands in front or behind us so we had the streets and the crowds to ourselves and stopped twice to share our brazilian drum circle thanks to the Banda Dida girls!

We were featured in all the Online media including The Metro, The Guardian, The Independant and the great BBC and we won our section: Medium Modern Contemporary Bands. So all in all a pretty successful day! Big thanks go to our friends at De Core who helped us navigate the Notting Hill management in order to get our place on the road and Chole’s mum for making chicken which kept us all going!

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