KB & Archbishop Sumner do Colour of Sound!
Posted by admin at 4:30 pm on 18 February, 2016. 0 comments
Kinetika Bloco have had a brilliant half-term making some brilliant music with the young and talented musicians from Archbishop Sumner primary school and other neighbouring schools in a course called Colour of Sound.
Bestival Carnivale Film
Posted by admin at 5:12 pm on 5 February, 2016. 0 comments
See video
We are reminiscing about the Summer watching Bestival's Carnival film. Check us out in the sunshine! We are hoping to be back on the lovely Isle of Wight this year for some more music festival fun.
Kinetika Bloco Croydon
Posted by admin at 12:06 pm on 1 February, 2016. 0 comments
See video
We had a great time with Croydon Youth Arts in October last year delivering a week long workshop at Fairfield Halls, Croydon. Check out the video here. The project was funded by the wonderful Youth Music and we loved meeting some new faces in...

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