Kinetika Bloco @ the Elephant and Nun
Posted by Shayanna at 7:00 pm on 19 September, 2011. 0 comments
It was a great day in South East London, as Southwark council together with local businesses, organisations and yes, Kinetika Bloco brought four parks alive with the sound of music, colour, dance, workshops, food and a procession. We, Kinetika Bloco...
Thames Festival
Posted by admin at 12:00 am on 11 September, 2011. 0 comments
Kinetika Bloco had the great honour of leading the Thames Festival this year, and despite being covered by three torrential rainfalls before even starting, we dried out and gave it our all.  We had 70 of the Bloco on the road and it was great...
Our Day At Notting Hill
Posted by admin at 7:28 am on 9 September, 2011. 442 comments
So on 28th August Kinetika Bloco returned to Notting Hill carnival after 6 years away!  We joined with Yaa Asantewaa Carnival Group on the Childrens Day with a Bloco of around 50 members.  We had a great time, managing to dodge all the...
THE wedding proposal of the year!
Posted by admin at 4:31 pm on 5 September, 2011. 0 comments
See video
So back in July we got an enquiry over the website that Bloco Manager, Tamzyn French, intially thought might be a joke.  However it turned out to be a real request and Kinetika Bloco was booked to help a very romantic Jeff propose to his...

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